Tepasts_logo.jpgETRALIA Ltd (former Ludmilla Ltd) was founded in 2009.

The company is producing all kinds of steel constructions of different level of difficulties, from standard to individual projects. We can make steel constructions either based on the drawings of a Client, or drawings prepared by our engineers meeting all the requirements of the Client. This allows us to manufacture and montage steel constructions with maximal effectiveness and economy of the Client`s resources.

One of our specialties is manufacturing steel constructions for fast-built metal buildings. We Construction of storehouses and hangars for different purposes, using variety of steel structures for lower price than a market one; as well as selling standard hangars and made individually – this is what we are specializing in.

Our credo includes professionalism,  high quality of our product, accurate calculation. We are focused on results, therefore it is highly important for us to have our Customers fully satisfied with our work.






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